The Importance of Handwritten Thank-You Notes

Email is so ubiquitous now that it’s hard to remember exactly when it first became popular. Yet I can vividly recall how I felt in those early days of “you’ve got mail.” It was such a big deal! And as email rose in prominence, “snail mail” seemed to vanish.

handwritten thank-you note

In the last five years or so, I’ve seen a shift towards people embracing letters and notes again. Receiving physical mail is something that makes people feel really special. Therefore, I’m declaring the days of simply sending an email “thank you” to be over! And I believe sending heartfelt, handwritten thank-you notes can help you grow your business.

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Rise and Thrive: The Power of Waking Up Earlier

If you’re like most people, you probably plan out your morning by doing backwards math. If you have to be to work at 8 am, you’ll figure that it takes you 15 minutes to drive,15 minutes to shower, 5 minutes to get dressed, and 10 minutes to eat and you tell yourself that you have to get up at 7:15 in order to get it all done.

Waking Up Earlier

What you’re doing when you do this, though, is giving yourself the very barest minimum of time. It’s ineffective, not to mention a horrible way to start your day. You’ll never achieve the level of success you’re after if you keep it up. But I’ve got a trick to fix it.

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How Reading Changed My Life

After college, I had zero intention of ever picking up a book again. Reading simply wasn’t something I enjoyed, and when I thought about how my life would be as an adult, I never pictured myself being one of those people.

How Books Changed My Life

So how is it that I went from swearing off books entirely to reading 50+ books every year for the past several years? Well, there are three things I get from reading that I can’t get from anything else.

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Sell More by Learning to LISTEN

I get asked regularly what the most important skill or attribute is for being a successful sales professional. Most people are expecting my answer to be something along the lines of “being a great closer.” Or perhaps “being the kind of person who can talk to anybody.” Or maybe “being someone who can have tough conversations.” Or even “having amazing negotiation skills.”

Two Women Talking - Sell more by learning to listen

But the #1 thing I have found that all top producers possess is good listening skills.

This might come as a surprise to you, but you must realize that perfecting your listening skills goes beyond merely hearing what your customers are saying.

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How Are You Spending Your 168 Hours This Week?

The #1 reason why salespeople sign up for coaching with me is that they want to take back control of their day and manage their time better. The very first thing most of my coaching clients say to me is, “I just need more hours in the day, Dew. I don’t have enough time to get everything done.”

How Are you Spending Your 168 Hours This Week?

There are so many things we could accomplish if we just had a little more time, right? Well, there’s a simple way to find that time. And I’ve never had a single client not find extra hours in their week after completing this exercise. Ready to reclaim your lost time? Let’s do it!

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One Bad Minute: Dealing With Adversity

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how attitude is everything, and how you’re 100 percent in control of it. How you process and respond to adversity factors heavily into how successful you’ll be.

Cracked phone - Dealing with Adversity

I can hear you saying, “That’s easy for you to say, Dew; you’re always so positive!” Don’t give me that excuse. I wasn’t always this way, and neither were many of my clients. How can working on your response to adversity change the way your world works?

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Uncover the True Sales Objection

I was working with a coaching client who was reaching out to prospects in the hopes of becoming their preferred vendor. Unfortunately, when a prospect asked for more information, he’d send them a link to his website without further evaluating what specific questions they needed answered.

Uncover the True Sales Objection

He sent 14 follow-up emails to all of these people that he’d sent his website to and was confused about why he couldn’t get in touch with any of them. But of course he wasn’t going to win their business—he wasn’t even beginning to address their objections.

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