Get Quicker Decisions with the Walkout Close

Not too long ago, my husband Shane and I were in a meeting with a business partner of mine. The partner was pitching me on the idea of joining him in starting a new division. He wrapped up his thoughts and said casually, “I need to run to the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

Walkout Closing Technique

While he was gone, Shane and I talked things through. A few minutes later, he strolled back into the room and asked us, “So, what do you think? Do you want to go to Australia?”

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Don’t Let Your Inbox Run Your Day

I have a client who lives in the Pacific time zone, but her headquarters are in the Eastern time zone. In her company, emails start flying back and forth around 6 am, which is 3 am her time. Despite the insanity of it, she feels compelled to reply to emails during what was literally the middle of the night.

Don't Let Your Inbox Run Your Day

While you might not have the added stress of a time zone differential, many people struggle to handle emails in an efficient manner. A recent study from Microsoft indicates that email takes up roughly 35% of the average worker’s day! But taking some simple steps to manage your email effectively can take your productivity through the roof.

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Ending The Negativity

This week marks the switch to daylight savings time in much of the United States. Between altered sleep schedules, changing traffic patterns, and sunlight-deprived mornings, you’ll have a hard time throwing a rock without hitting someone who is complaining about the time change.

Ending the Negativity - Grumpy Dog

It may seem like a small thing, but when you start your day complaining, you’re sending yourself into a tailspin of negativity. Without even realizing it, we can find ourselves in the cycle of complaining one-upmanship. My loss of sleep definitely beats your night of tossing and turning. Spoiler alert: this competition never ends well.

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The Difference Between Service and Hospitality

On a recent call with a coaching client, we were talking about how he didn’t make his incentive trip last year because his customer service score wasn’t high enough. He had closed plenty of business throughout the year, but in the end, he just hadn’t really made an impression.

Service and Hospitality

What’s the difference between merely making sales and really hitting your goals? What separates a good salesperson from a GREAT salesperson? It turns out that it goes beyond providing good service.

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Creating Your Ideal Week

You’ve heard about the effectiveness of time blocking (did I just hear you groan?). And you know how it can help you close more business. Yet you continue to come up with lame excuses about how it just won’t work for you.

Typing on Computer in Calendar Creating an Ideal Week

But the top ultra-producers in every field are those that protect their calendars with their lives. Now is the perfect opportunity to examine how you’re spending your time.

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Finding Perspective with the Catastrophe Scale

I was talking with a coaching client recently, and he was trying to decide between multiple job offers. He had three solid options to choose from, and the decision had him extremely stressed out.

House on Fire - Catastrophe Scale

All the offers were great, but he was letting the pain (picking between awesome jobs) affect him as if it was an actual catastrophe. Why do we let normal life events and decisions overwhelm us when what we really need is a little perspective?

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Use the Take Away Close to Eliminate Maybes

On a recent coaching call with a client, we were discussing his pipeline and how he had several prospects in his funnel that simply were not moving forward. They had initially been so excited about the opportunity, but when he went to close the contracts, they began brushing him off.

A woman walking away - take away close technique

He wanted to move his pipeline forward but didn’t want to seem pushy. Here’s how we got them from a maybe to a yes.

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