5 Scripts to Handle Blow Off Objections

When I started my sales career, I was given a script and I started dialing. Like most salespeople, I was given basic scripts to handle common objections like price. But I wasn’t trained on how to overcome blow off objections – the lame excuses I heard when someone was just trying to blow me off.

Businessman Jumping Hurdle Overcoming Common Blow-Off Objections

  • “Send me some information.”
  • “I’m happy in my current situation.”
  • “I need some time to think about it.”

I lost deal after deal until I finally learned how to keep from being blown off. Just like any objection, the best way to overcome the blow off is to write out a power statement script that is in your own words. I’ve started some sample scripts for you – feel free to take these and make them your own.

5 Scripts to Handle Common (Blow Off) Objections:

1. “Can you just send me some information?”

“Absolutely, what’s your email address? Now [name], I want to be absolutely sure that the information I send you is what you’re looking for. If you were in my situation sending information to you, what would you be sure to include?”

2. “I need to think about it.”

“If you need to think about it, I understand – but that tells me I haven’t answered everything for you. What additional questions can I answer?”

 3. “I’ll pass the information on to my [manager/ owner/ decision maker].”

“I appreciate you offering that, but no one likes being the middleman. Is there any chance that you could give just me their contact information? In fact, if you’d like, I won’t even tell them you gave it to me.”

4. “I’m happy where I’m at / with my current provider.”

“That’s great, [name]. That tells me that you value your relationship and I look for that same thing with my clients. Who are you currently working with? What is it that you like about working with [name]?” (This is where you’ll find their hot buttons!) “Is there anything you’d change about working with them?” (This is where you’ll find out if they have a need. Find the need and go back to your script.)

5. Any other lame excuses thrown at you

“Other than (insert their objection) is there anything else that is holding you back from moving forward with me today?” (This will usually point to the REAL objection).

Write out your scripts for these common objections (and any others you encounter often) and practice them over and over again. Learn to recognize blow off objections for what they really are, lame excuses to get rid of you. Remember, unless the objection is an unchangeable condition (no money, no credit, no need, or I use the family business), then you need to isolate the true objection and dig further.

Until next time – go sell some stuff!


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