The Sales Promise You Can’t Keep

Scarcity Thinking Leads to Over Promising

There’s a common trap in sales that good people are falling into, and it could be killing your business.

Fingers crossed, over promised, under delivered

Abundance is an ideal trait that all top performers have. It’s critical to your success. Are you familiar with the idea of an abundance mentality?

Stephen Covey popularized this idea in his essential Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and it’s a valuable way of looking at how we interpret and interact with the world around us. An abundance mindset is one of my core values, and every day I teach my clients about abundance and its counterpart, scarcity.

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Is Sales the Right Career for You?

As a sales coach, I get asked this question all the time: “Is sales really the right career for me?” And you know what? Sometimes the answer to that question is no. Not everyone is built to enjoy it and thrive in sales.

Should I Be in Sales?

If you’re new to the sales world and thinking it might not be a good fit for you, or if you’re not seeing the kind of results you want to see from your sales career, maybe it’s just not what you’re destined to do. There are a few specific questions you can ask yourself—and answer honestly—that will reveal the truth.

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Having Difficult Conversations with a Team Member

Most of us don’t enjoy having difficult conversations. Whether we’re saying or hearing the phrase, “We need to talk,” we know that it’s typically not going to lead to a fun conversation.

Difficult Conversations with a Team Member

However, when we don’t discuss problems, we risk allowing them to fester and worsen. Thankfully, there’s an easy formula to follow for every hard conversation you’ll ever need to have.

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Use Consistency to CRUSH Your Sales Goals

Winning a championship isn’t easy. It takes tireless work and dedication. Getting that trophy, or that medal around your neck means that the blood, sweat, and tears shed along the way paid off.

Consistency - the key to crushing your sales goals

What I find very interesting is just how many individuals and teams crash after the big win. I’m sure that injuries or personnel changes play a part, but many of the stories show that they’ve taken their foot off the gas.

If you want to become—and remain—a top producer, you don’t get to coast after you have a big win. Consistency is non-negotiable.

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Exercise Is More Important Than Ever

I am a firm believer in the transformative power of exercise. I believe that by simply starting to move, and keeping it up, you can change your life.

Exercise Is More Important Than Ever

During times of extraordinary stress—like what we’re experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic—exercise becomes even more vital. Is your mental health taking a nosedive? You can turn it around in just 10 minutes a day.

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Adjusting to Working From Home

It’s safe to say that no one was prepared for 2020 to take the turn that it has. So many people have lost work due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Most of us who are lucky enough to still have work are working from home.

Adjusting to Working From Home

I’ve been working from home since 2011, so that part hasn’t been different for me. But I’ve seen this change cause real stress for many friends and clients. I wanted to share some tips on how to adjust and work effectively from home during this unprecedented time in our history.

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It’s Time To Stop Making Excuses

How often do you want to quit what you’re doing during your workday? How often do you give yourself a reason—any reason—to leave your office? It’s time to stop making excuses for your behavior.

stop making excuses

Motivating yourself is all about having good self-talk. But it’s so easy to let negativity creep in around the corners of our day. And when it does, it can have a domino effect on every single area of our lives. Negativity can hold us back from reaching our goals. It can damage our relationships and prevent us from moving up in our careers. Frankly, negativity is poisonous. If you want to end negativity and the effect it’s having on your productivity and happiness, I have one simple tip for you.

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