Be A Mighty Oak

What’s the most powerful sales skill you can develop? Resilience.

Salespeople have to be resilient. We’re responsible for how much income we make. Our job is to go out and ask for the business. And a lot of the time, the answer will be a hard no.

Rejection is bad enough. When it’s tied to your paycheck, it takes on a whole new level!

The Mighty Oak Tree

When coaching my clients, I remind them that sales professionals have to be like a mighty oak tree.

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Positivity Can Change Your Life

Learn how ten, positive emotions can drive you forward when faced with life’s challenges.

Salespeople and business leaders face challenges, setbacks, and disappointments every week. If you’re in business, it happens! Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive.

two girls jumping at sunset

Unfortunately, a negative attitude can destroy your motivation. Over time, it hurts your business, your career, and your personal life. Maintaining a positive attitude is often the biggest hurdle a salesperson must overcome.

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Four Career Mistakes Sales Professionals Regret

No matter where you’re at in your sales career, it’s not too late to avoid these common regrets.

Regret can make your life miserable. It can even force you to leave a career you once loved. After coaching and consulting hundreds of sales professionals and business owners, I’ve met plenty of successful people who wish they could do a few things differently.

side profile of businessman standing outside

Across this diverse group of people, these four regrets have come up over and over again:

  • Not asking for help
  • Keeping unnecessary relationships
  • Worrying
  • Jealousy

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Can Technology Hurt My Business?

Is your business fighting technology, or embracing it? Uncover why technology is actually your friend.

Last month I overheard someone saying modern technology was killing communication. “Why don’t we just pick up the phone anymore?”

salespeople connecting virtually technology is our friend

Most of us take today’s technology for granted. It’s easy to forget that emails, texting, video calls, and social media are fairly recent inventions. Understandably, some people find all this change in such a short time overwhelming. They meet it with resistance and negativity.

But is tech really the worst thing for our lives and our businesses? I don’t think so. In fact, I love our technologically advanced world. Technology is our friend!

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Sales Champions Know Their Numbers

You can’t stand at the top if you never know where you stand.

As a sales coach, I’m all about goals. My goal is to help salespeople achieve their goals—both personal and professional.

Sales Coach Dew Know the Numbers

Every salesperson should know what their sales goals are. You might not have mastered them yet, but at the very least, you have a number you’re planning on hitting for the year. The goal is set—just start selling, right?

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How Top Salespeople Miss Out on Abundance

You’re #1—but do you still have a scarcity mindset?

In The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey describes two opposing views: the scarcity mindset, ruled by a fear of limited resources (you should get your piece of the pie before someone else gets it), and the abundance mindset, in which you believe there’s always enough to go around.

Sales Coach Dew Scarcity

I’ll let you guess which mindset is most common in highly effective people! (Spoiler alert! It’s the abundance mindset.)

Top sales performers usually think they’re living in an abundant mindset. They know they’ll never run out of clients. They know that there’s plenty of money in the world, and the success of another salesperson on their team isn’t a threat, but something to be celebrated. They’ve figured out how to use the abundance mentality in sales.

However, after years of working as a sales coach with top producers, I’ve discovered a few areas where scarcity creeps into a salesperson’s mentality—even when they’re the most successful producers on a team. One of the most common symptoms I see: a salesperson who can’t stop answering their phone. I know you’re thinking, “but Dew, you wrote a post about sales rock stars answering their phone,” but hear me out on this one.

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If It’s Important, You’ll Find a Way

If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

Do you have something on your list that just never gets done? What about a project or an idea that you’ve “always wanted to do” for years? A habit you’ve been “meaning to work on?”

Sales Coach Dew Find a Way

We want to reach our goals. We know we should take care of our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and our businesses.

So why do some things always get done while other things never even get started? How can we motivate ourselves to accomplish what we want to accomplish?

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