How Top Salespeople Miss Out on Abundance

You’re #1—but do you still have a scarcity mindset?

In The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey describes two opposing views: the scarcity mindset, ruled by a fear of limited resources (you should get your piece of the pie before someone else gets it), and the abundance mindset, in which you believe there’s always enough to go around.

Sales Coach Dew Scarcity

I’ll let you guess which mindset is most common in highly effective people! (Spoiler alert! It’s the abundance mindset.)

Top sales performers usually think they’re living in an abundant mindset. They know they’ll never run out of clients. They know that there’s plenty of money in the world, and the success of another salesperson on their team isn’t a threat, but something to be celebrated. They’ve figured out how to use the abundance mentality in sales.

However, after years of working as a sales coach with top producers, I’ve discovered a few areas where scarcity creeps into a salesperson’s mentality—even when they’re the most successful producers on a team. One of the most common symptoms I see: a salesperson who can’t stop answering their phone. I know you’re thinking, “but Dew, you wrote a post about sales rock stars answering their phone,” but hear me out on this one.

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If It’s Important, You’ll Find a Way

If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

Do you have something on your list that just never gets done? What about a project or an idea that you’ve “always wanted to do” for years? A habit you’ve been “meaning to work on?”

Sales Coach Dew Find a Way

We want to reach our goals. We know we should take care of our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and our businesses.

So why do some things always get done while other things never even get started? How can we motivate ourselves to accomplish what we want to accomplish?

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Are You Celebrating Your Wins?

Sometimes, the little things are a big deal.

Salespeople know that when we close the deal on a big account, it calls for a celebration!

Sales Coach Dew Celebrate Wins

Meeting our goals for the year? Office party! Major milestone? Balloons! We might even celebrate just for making it through a difficult work week. You need to celebrate the wins, right?


Let me say it again. You need to; you have to; you must—celebrate your wins! Here are some examples of wins you should be celebrating:

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5 Ways To Stand Above The Rest

Great salespeople stand out and rise above the rest. If you’re not doing these five things, you’ll be lost in the crowd!

Imagine this scenario: You’re shopping around for a service and meet a few sales reps. The prices are all reasonable, and the products are similar—but after you try getting back in touch with them, you get wildly different results.

5 ways to stand above sales coach dew

One of them doesn’t return your voicemail, one person sounded too busy to deal with you, and another salesperson didn’t even seem to exist when you tried to look up their contact info!

The fourth salesperson, however, seemed like she was always on. No wonder she seemed to have a good reputation—she answered the phone every time you called and followed up with information when she said she would.

Obviously, she’s the one who gets your business. She stood head and shoulders above the competition. With these tips, you can too!

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How to Stretch Your Comfort Zone

You know what you want. Start reaching, and stop resisting!

Salespeople, like all people, love staying in their comfort zone. It’s comfortable, after all.

How to Stretch Your Comfort Zone sales coach dew

Of course, staying comfortable means staying in place. If you want to make a big move, get to a higher level, build new relationships, and crush your sales goals, you’re going to need to “step outside your comfort zone.” Right?

Well, there’s something that works even better than stepping outside your comfort zone!

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Self-Talk Your Way To Success

Want positive change? Change the way you talk to yourself.

You talk to yourself more than you talk to anyone else. You’re probably even talking to yourself right now by wondering, “Do I really talk to myself?”

Sales Coach Dew Positive Self Talk

We often take this inner dialog for granted. But we’re always listening to what we tell ourselves—and this self-talk can work its way into the conversations we have with other people. Over the years, I’ve met salespeople who don’t realize how negative their self-talk is—and how much it’s affecting their business.

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Shrug It Off!

Sometimes the best way to handle a setback is to just let it go.

Years ago, a co-worker came into the office one morning and told us about his son’s shocking announcement: His four-year-old was now a T. Rex, and thus would no longer be wearing shoes of any kind.

Sales Coach Dew Scrabble Tiles spell let it go

Getting a four-year-old ready in the morning is tough even on a good day—and when you’re a parent who’s already running behind, this is not the announcement you want to hear!

My co-worker didn’t lose his patience, argue, or yell. He just grabbed his son’s socks and shoes, said “Oh, well,” and headed out to the car.

It was the middle of winter. He knew that as soon as his kid’s feet hit the cold concrete outside, the boy would change his mind—and say, “Hey dad, can I have my shoes?

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