Finding Perspective with the Catastrophe Scale

I was talking with a coaching client recently, and he was trying to decide between multiple job offers. He had three solid options to choose from, and the decision had him extremely stressed out.

House on Fire - Catastrophe Scale

All the offers were great, but he was letting the pain (picking between awesome jobs) affect him as if it was an actual catastrophe. Why do we let normal life events and decisions overwhelm us when what we really need is a little perspective?

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Business As Usual: Overcome Routine Setbacks

I start every coaching call the same way: by talking about good news and updates on my client’s business. They often respond with, “It’s just been one of those days, Dew!” Whenever anyone says this, I know that they’re likely making a bigger deal out of something that is, in reality, very small.

Spilled Milk? Business as usual!

Did you really have a bad day? Or did you have one minor setback and let it ruin your whole day?

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Be a VICTOR with Victorious Goal Setting

Those who really know me (family, friends, and clients) know this fact to be deeply true: I take goal setting to a “contact sport” level. I’ll admit that I can be a bit extreme about it because I truly believe in the power of victorious goal setting.

Victorious Goal Setting - Red Boxing Gloves

The way I see it, you can achieve any kind of greatness in this life. And it all starts with deciding how you want to set yourself up for success. Whether your goal is business-related (like increasing your income) or more personal (maybe losing 20 pounds), it all starts with a plan. After all, just like Antoine de Saint Exupéry said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

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How to Create Your Personal Vision

Most salespeople know the importance of creating a personal vision for the future. But far too many people focus on what they will have when their vision is realized. They think that having and doing what they want will, in turn, make them the person they want to be.

Create Your Personal Vision

But a better strategy is to do it all in reverse! Work on yourself first, and the rest will naturally follow.

Zig Ziglar said it best:

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The Importance of Non-Negotiables

Setting yourself up for success—both personally and professionally—starts with cultivating self-discipline and holding yourself accountable. The most effective rules, after all, are the ones you set for yourself.

Non-negotiables and the importance of setting them

For me, a huge part of making sure I’m achieving everything I want to do in this life is sticking to those self-set rules, which I call my non-negotiables. These are the key things that I know I must do in both my work and personal life to reach the goals I’ve set for myself. Stick to your guns on these, and you’ll see that over time, your routine will become habit and you’ll be powering towards reaching those cherished goals.

These are the items that get done, no matter what:

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Body Language and First Impressions

You only get seven seconds to make a positive first impression on someone. And for a sales professional, first impressions are make-or-break; it’s vital that you know what you should be doing when you’re standing in front of a prospect.

Body Language and First Impressions for SalesPeople

Mastering your body language is the first step towards making a great first impression, as it focuses on quite literally putting your best foot forward.

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The Formula for Achieving a Balanced Life

So many people talk about the importance of achieving a “work-life balance”. And I get it—you want to achieve balance. You want to make enough money while not working too much.

Work Life Balance: the formula for achieving a balanced life

But instead of trying to find a perfect balance between work and life, focus on spending time on the things most important to you, both in your career and your personal experiences.

I use the acronym L.I.F.E. to help me remember the four pillars vital to creating a true foundation for a well-rounded, balanced life.

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