Dew Recommends: Be Grateful (Every Day!)

Gratitude is a key ingredient to the winning attitude necessary for true success. The problem is, most people only make it a point to be grateful on Sundays, during holidays, or on some other special occasion. If you want to experience a real breakthrough in your attitude, you have to find ways to be grateful EVERY DAY.

Grateful Woman on Beach - Be Grateful

I love this post Jack Canfield wrote about creating a daily ritual of appreciation. In it, Jack lists 5 ways of making appreciation part of your daily routine:

Be Grateful Checklist

  1. Take 7 minutes each morning to write down all you appreciate in life.
  2. Appreciate at least 3 people every day.
  3. Play the Appreciation Game.
  4. Carry a physical token of gratitude in your pocket, such as a stone, crystal or some other small item.
  5. Appreciate yourself.

Jack goes on to say:

Giving thanks should be more than an occasional exercise once year. Let it become a daily discipline that allows you to attract more of what you want from life. I invite you to experiment with this discipline over the next 30 days and watch your blessings multiply!

Recently, I was coaching one of my clients and we were talking about the power of our thoughts. Mike decided to take control of his thoughts (and his attitude) by starting each day with a reminder to BE GRATEFUL. He wrote the words on a piece of paper and taped it to the back of his phone. Each morning, after turning off the alarm on his phone, he reads the note and reflects on the things he’s grateful for in his life. According to Mike, this one step has completely changed his attitude throughout the whole day.

Alter your habits and routines so that you take time to appreciate the good things in your life every day. When you take the time to be grateful, it will take your mind off life’s challenges so you can experience true joy.

Read Jack’s entire article here…

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