Find New Prospects in 30 Seconds or Less

Have you ever found a prospect in a specific industry and then thought to yourself, “I should prospect to everyone in that industry in my market!”?

New Prospects in 30 Seconds

Well, you can! In fact, you can find those new prospects in 30 seconds (or less), and the answer is hidden in plain sight, right there in a tool you are probably already using every day!

Google Maps as a Prospecting Tool

I’m not kidding people; this is one of the coolest (and easiest!) prospecting methods I teach my clients, so get ready to have your mind blown.

Using plain old Google Maps, you can get an industry-specific list of prospects in any area in 30 seconds or less.

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Launch your favorite internet browser and go to Google Maps:
  2. Pull up a map to your territory (or the market you want to prospect). You can do this just by entering your address (if you want to work your area), or the address or company name of any company in the area you are working.
  3. In the address line, type the specific industry you’re looking for (e.g., trucking, real estate, insurance, mortgage, attorney, etc.), and click search.

Wait for it… wait for it… prepare for your mind to be blown.

New Prospects in 30 Seconds: A Real World Example

Pretend I’m working with Howard Baer Trucking Company in Nashville, and I want to see what other trucking companies there are in that area.

I start by finding them by going to Google Maps and searching for their name:


Google Map Search Result for Sales Prospecting

Google Maps search result for “Howard Baer”


Next, I simply clear out the address line, type in “trucking companies” and hit enter. Bam! Now I have 24 trucking companies in that same neighborhood just waiting to be turned into qualified leads!

Google Maps Trucking Companies List

All trucking companies in the same area as Howard Baer


Once qualified, I can prospect to these same leads while I’m visiting Howard Baer. I can even ask Howard if he knows any of the 24 other trucking companies. Then when I call on those 24 trucking companies, I can say that I was just meeting with Howard Baer (using 3rd party names), and he mentioned that should I stop by and talk to you!

Your Turn!

This technique is super easy and simply amazing. Try it with whatever industry you’re prospecting today. You can even zoom in and out with the + and – buttons in the lower right if you want to widen or narrow the territory.

I can’t wait for your mind to be blown.

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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