Dew Recommends: How to Close a Sale

When I’m training my coaching clients how to close a sale, I often feel like there’s a huge misunderstanding about what the closing process actually is. Closing is actually quite simple: it’s the very natural progression of taking your client from finding the need to providing a service.

Man Holding Compass - How to Close a Sale

After reading this article by Rory Vaden, I found myself smiling at his brilliant description about why many salespeople have problems closing:

Most salespeople are terrible at “closing” a sale. It is because they are either too pushy or because their fear of being too pushy makes them too afraid. Both are the result of a misunderstanding about what closing is which is often compounded by a lack of professional training and technical skill in the art of bringing someone to a decision.

Closing the sale starts the moment you start talking to your prospect. By asking them a series of questions, you are exposing their needs. As you move through the needs analysis, you’re revealing their objections so you can present your product based on the service they need. But here’s the thing – if your head’s not in the game (and your heart’s not in the right place), then you’re probably basing your actions on your own needs instead of providing a service truly based on their needs.

How to Close a Sale: Focus on Service

Rory goes on to say:

What they have failed to realize however is that closing is a service that people need. They need someone to help them sort through their fears and overcome the anxiety about making a decision, which is going to result in some change.

Guide your clients through their decisions by asking the right questions. Earn their trust and then provide them with the product or service that truly answers their needs.

Read Rory’s entire article here…

Until next time – go sell some stuff!


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