Dew Recommends: How To Create The Brand Called YOU

I’m a big advocate of creating a brand called YOU. I never want to take away from the company that you represent, but if you’re truly in the business of serving your clients, then they come back time and time again for you.

The Word Brand Circled in Red on a Whiteboard - The Brand Called You

There are several great books out there on creating your personal brand, but the most practical advice I’ve seen on the topic is the post 125 Tips for Building an Irresistible Brand by Logan Zanelli.

Here’s my advice – don’t read the full article now, do it when you have some time to really think about what you want to create. Treat it a like a workbook you can go back and refer to as you do your research and put your brand together. Logan lays out a step by step process for analyzing your business, analyzing your customers, finding the need, and putting together your brand image.

He says:

In order to build an irresistible brand, you need to take what you learn about yourself, your audience, and your competition and blend that research with your own personality to create a style that attracts your audience.

The first three sections ask you questions that help you pull together the information you need to create your style, while the rest of the list gives you specific steps you can take to turn that style into an irresistible brand.

He breaks his questions and tips down into 5 categories:

Brand Called YOU Checklist

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your audience
  3. Know your competition
  4. Building a brand experience
  5. Implementation tips

These five categories should immediately jump-start your creative juices. Think about what you could bring to your clients that they’re not getting from anyone else. Where do your clients have gaps that you can fill? Once you have those answers you can truly create a brand called YOU that will serve them and get them to follow you anywhere.

Read the full article here…

Until next time – go sell some stuff!


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