Love Your Job: Be a Company Cheerleader

I’ve worked for 4 companies in my 17-year career and I have always been a company cheerleader. I drank the Kool-Aid, bought the t-shirt, and I’m still standing strong and cheering for their continued success.

Businessman Cheering Love Your Job

You’ve probably noticed that people who are company cheerleaders (like me!) are also people who love their jobs – but here’s an interesting question: Are you a company cheerleader because you love your job… or are do you love your job because you are a company cheerleader?

I believe that either one can drive the other. So make it a point to be enthusiastic about your company and before you know it, you may find that you love your job a lot more, too.

Love Your Job with the Company Cheerleader Checklist:

Here are some tips on how you can improve your moral and the love of your job by jumping on the company bandwagon.

  1. Believe in your products and services with all your heart. The more you love your products and services, the more others will fall in love with them too. Buy into your organization. Drink the Kool-Aid. As a salesperson, you will see that your enthusiasm will overflow to your clients and prospects. As an added side effect, when you give it your all and buy-in, it makes it easier to focus on the big picture if you ever disagree about a small organizational change.
  2. Learn the Company Stats. Have you ever met a baseball or football fanatic who can quote detailed stats on every historic win or season? Great company cheerleaders talk the same way about their organizations. What year was your company founded? Who are your founders and what makes them special? Who are your biggest clients? Learn to recite your company’s (and your client’s) coolest success stories.
  3. Be aware of falling into the bah-humbugs. You’re never going to agree with every decision that your company makes. When you’re having an issue, be aware of what you’re saying to others. Remember: any negative comment made to someone who can’t do anything about it is just gossip. Gossip creates cancer in companies and it also eats away at your own morale (see more at Imagine a Gossip Free Workplace).

Nowadays, not only do I consider myself a big cheerleader for my company, but I’ve also found myself becoming a cheerleader for my client’s companies as well.

Life is much easier (and more fun) when you believe!

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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