Use Consistency to CRUSH Your Sales Goals

Winning a championship isn’t easy. It takes tireless work and dedication. Getting that trophy, or that medal around your neck means that the blood, sweat, and tears shed along the way paid off.

Consistency - the key to crushing your sales goals

What I find very interesting is just how many individuals and teams crash after the big win. I’m sure that injuries or personnel changes play a part, but many of the stories show that they’ve taken their foot off the gas.

If you want to become—and remain—a top producer, you don’t get to coast after you have a big win. Consistency is non-negotiable.

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Follow a Schedule? But I’m a Free Spirit!

You’ve probably noticed by now that talking and writing about time management is my jam. I love it! However, the reason I enjoy talking about it is that I’m living the benefits of its success.

Free Spirit

Unfortunately, that may not be the case for those of you who are fast-paced, type-A personalities (i.e., most salespeople). Instead, once the conversation leads to creating and sticking to a schedule, with most salespeople, I hear some variation of, “But Dew, I can’t live by a schedule all day, every day like you do; I’m a free spirit!”

To which I want to reply, “Hello?! Have you met me?”

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Tips for Conquering Call Reluctance

Of all the reasons salespeople come to me for coaching, call reluctance is one of the most common. Every single salesperson I know—myself included—has suffered from it at some point or another.

Call Reluctance - Looking at a phone

It’s important to realize that call reluctance is a real, legitimate feeling. You’re not making it up, and you’re not crazy for feeling this way. You can get past it, and it doesn’t have to be something you fight forever. I’ve got a few methods to help you kick call reluctance for good.

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Exercise Is More Important Than Ever

I am a firm believer in the transformative power of exercise. I believe that by simply starting to move, and keeping it up, you can change your life.

Exercise Is More Important Than Ever

During times of extraordinary stress—like what we’re experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic—exercise becomes even more vital. Is your mental health taking a nosedive? You can turn it around in just 10 minutes a day.

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10 Tips for Memorizing Your Sales Script

Most salespeople love presenting but feel most comfortable when we loosely know an outline and then wing it. When it comes to following the company presentation or memorizing a sales script, we can feel constrained.

Memorizing Your Sales Script

I hear salespeople complain all the time that they’re “bad with names” or they can’t work from a script. I say, nonsense! You just need to train yourself that you can. The following ten tips are part of my toolkit for becoming a master of sales script memorization.

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Creating a Simple Sales Activity Tracking Sheet

What distinguishes average salespeople from top-performers? Regardless of education or experience, success is directly tied to self-discipline. Above all, top-performing salespeople know their numbers.

Sales Activity Tracking Sheet

Tracking sales activity might not seem fun. It doesn’t give you the euphoric feeling that closing a deal can; tracking your numbers doesn’t have an immediate pay-off. It can take months (sometimes years) before you’ll reap the rewards of it, but if you want to rise to the top in your industry, then you have to know your numbers.

Here’s the good news: keeping track of your sales activity doesn’t need to be complicated.

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The Importance of Routines in Challenging Times

I’ve written a lot about routines in the past. From morning routines to end-of-week routines, I’m a firm believer that consistency creates wins. In challenging times, routines are more important than ever.

Importance of Routines in Challenging Times

Times like these are tough, and beating yourself up about all the things you aren’t doing right (or those you think you aren’t doing right) simply isn’t productive. There is a way to use routines to hold yourself accountable while also giving yourself some grace.

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