Self-Talk Your Way To Success

Want positive change? Change the way you talk to yourself.

You talk to yourself more than you talk to anyone else. You’re probably even talking to yourself right now by wondering, “Do I really talk to myself?”

Sales Coach Dew Positive Self Talk

We often take this inner dialog for granted. But we’re always listening to what we tell ourselves—and this self-talk can work its way into the conversations we have with other people. Over the years, I’ve met salespeople who don’t realize how negative their self-talk is—and how much it’s affecting their business.

Positive self-talk: the key to good self-care

The number one habit you can have for good self-care is positive self-talk. Being kind to yourself doesn’t just make you feel better—it helps you be resilient when obstacles arise and see opportunities when you’re faced with challenges.

The power of positive affirmations is real. And so is the power of negative affirmations. Phrases like “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” “That’s just my luck,” or “When it rains it pours,” are all negative affirmations. If you always tell yourself, “I hate Mondays,” how likely are you to have a great Monday?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” -Henry Ford

Pay attention to what you’re telling yourself, and start replacing negative self-talk like “I knew it would never happen” with affirmative phrases like “I know I can do this.” Stop talking yourself out of success!

Little words can make a big difference

You might be using negative self-talk without knowing it. There are two little words that people use all the time—if and try—and they can make a big difference in your confidence. When you’re moving through your sales process, watch for these “unsure” words and replace them with a positive, affirming word.

For example, change “if” to “when” the next time you’re talking about your client:

When my client closes on this deal,”
NOT If my client closes on this deal.”

By using when instead of if, you’re telling yourself you believe it will happen—instead of just hoping it will happen. “If” creates doubt.

And stop saying you’ll “try” to do something! When you say, “I’ll try to get that report done by Friday,” you’re giving yourself an excuse to not get it done. When you tell yourself, “I will get that report done by Friday,” you’re much more likely to finish it on time.

Self-talk isn’t just about us!

Sure, it takes some work to change your self-talk, but it’s worth it! Getting rid of negative self-talk and using positive affirmations will improve your attitude, motivation, and effectiveness.

By changing the way we speak to ourselves, we lessen our self-doubt and bring positive change into reality. The best part about culturing this habit is that, as we speak more positively to ourselves, we speak more positively to others as well.

Whether you’re leading your sales team or closing a deal with the crystal ball method, using positive terms and “speaking it into reality” works to eliminate doubt from the conversation. Telling your team “If we can get that company to sign” leaves everything up in the air—telling them “When our new client signs” keeps everyone in the mind frame of working towards closing the deal!

Everything you tell yourself matters!

You’re always listening to yourself—so pay attention to what you’re saying. Every word you tell yourself matters. Make sure those words are pushing you forward instead of holding you back!

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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