Dew Recommends: Public Speaking Skills for Salespeople

If you’re in sales, public speaking skills matter. Now, if you do your selling one-on-one, you may think this doesn’t apply to you. But we’re always presenting, even if we’re selling to just one person. Besides, at some point you’ll need to lead a meeting, accept an award, or give a presentation.

Woman With Arms Raised in front of Audience - Public Speaking Skills for Salespeople

When I was 20, I had to give a speech to an audience of 3,000. I thought I was prepared (I wasn’t) and that my speech was fully memorized (it wasn’t). Suddenly, 5 minutes in, I went absolutely blank. I still remember it vividly: a pounding heart, two sweaty palms, and a sea of blank faces. After the event, I vowed to never step on stage again.

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Book Recommendation: The School of Greatness

Today I want to tell you all about the book The School of Greatness, by Lewis Howes. I read multiple books each month, but rarely do I finish a book and put it on my desk… to stay. I have a small row of books that I reference over and over again, and continually refer to my clients. Lewis’s book made the cut.

School of Greatness Book Review By Sales Coach Dew

Each of the 8 chapters is a separate section full of inspirational stories, thoughts, processes, and exercises to implement the steps in that section. Instead of giving you an overview of each chapter, I’ve decided to give you a deeper breakdown of my favorite: Chapter 4 – Develop Hustle.

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Book Recommendation: Selling to Zebras

Today, I want to share my review (and recommendation!) of the book “Selling to Zebras” by Jeff & Chad Koser. Shane heard about it on a podcast a couple of years ago and knew I’d want to read it – I’m so glad I did. This book fundamentally changed the way I prospect.

Zebras Drinking Water

So what’s all this talk about zebras? The first line of the book is, “Ever had a nice fat bonus – the kind that makes your year?” I knew after reading the first line that this book was going to be helpful to me and my clients.

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Dew Recommends: Overcoming Call Reluctance with Visual Cues

Brent is one of my great friends and a former colleague, and he loves to dial. He wakes up every morning and literally can’t wait to hit the phones. But most of us are not like Brent; we have to get creative with overcoming call reluctance.

Paper Clips - Overcoming Call Reluctance

James Clear recently wrote a great article for titled How to Stick With Good Habits Every Day by Using the ‘Paper Clip Strategy.’ In it, he describes a simple system that a young stockbroker used to hit his daily goals:

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My Favorite Business Productivity Tools

My clients often ask me what systems and tools I use to manage my day and my business, so I thought it was time to put together a list to share with my clients and readers.

Macbook iPadi Phone

Instead of doing this as a normal blog post, I’ve created a new page here that I can update over time. I hope this helps and that you can find a tip or trick that helps you be more productive!

Check out my list of business productivity tools here…


Dew Recommends: Having a Bad Day? Keep it to Yourself!

As sales professionals, most of us know that we need to put on a “show” of sorts every time we have a meeting or give a presentation to a potential prospect.

Yawning Man Having a Bad Day

Yet time and time again, I see sales professionals greet their prospect with something negative when they’re having a bad day.

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Dew Recommends: Surviving in Uncertain Times

Change is scary for most of us. Since we were babies we were raised on routines, so it’s natural that we feel most comfortable when things are steady and predictable. In business, fear of the unknown can make you want to cling to old ways faced with uncertain times.

Lighthouse in a Storm Uncertain Times

When I was recently reading Lisa Earle McLeod’s blog 5 Ways to Stay Focused During Times of Uncertainty, I found all 5 tips very insightful:

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