Dew Recommends: Having a Bad Day? Keep it to Yourself!

As sales professionals, most of us know that we need to put on a “show” of sorts every time we have a meeting or give a presentation to a potential prospect.

Yawning Man Having a Bad Day

Yet time and time again, I see sales professionals greet their prospect with something negative when they’re having a bad day.

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Dew Recommends: Surviving in Uncertain Times

Change is scary for most of us. Since we were babies we were raised on routines, so it’s natural that we feel most comfortable when things are steady and predictable. In business, fear of the unknown can make you want to cling to old ways faced with uncertain times.

Lighthouse in a Storm Uncertain Times

When I was recently reading Lisa Earle McLeod’s blog 5 Ways to Stay Focused During Times of Uncertainty, I found all 5 tips very insightful:

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Dew Recommends: How to Close a Sale

When I’m training my coaching clients how to close a sale, I often feel like there’s a huge misunderstanding about what the closing process actually is. Closing is actually quite simple: it’s the very natural progression of taking your client from finding the need to providing a service.

Man Holding Compass - How to Close a Sale

After reading this article by Rory Vaden, I found myself smiling at his brilliant description about why many salespeople have problems closing:

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Book Recommendation: Selling 101 by Zig Ziglar

Since today is the late Zig Ziglar’s birthday, I decided to write about one of my favorite sales books, “Selling 101”. This is basically an updated, condensed (less than 100 pages) version of his 1991 book “Ziglar on Selling”.

Open Book Selling 101 Book Review

I was amazed that this short, quick, easy read had so much tangible information (seriously – for less than $10? Buy it. He won’t let you down).

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Dew Recommends: Stay Focused with a Clean Office

I remember the accomplishment I felt the first time I cleaned my office (OK, it was a cubicle) at my first job out of college. In fact, my coworker peeked her head around my wall and said, “Your desk is way too clean, is today your last day?”

Clean Office - Great Way to Stay Focused

I read a great article on clutter by Mikael Cho recently, and it got me thinking about how clutter effects our desks and work spaces. Mikael refers to clutter (or “our stuff”) as the noise around us. How true.

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Dew Recommends: Keep Your Presentations Simple

While I certainly love Apple products (as we speak, I can’t wait for my new iPhone to arrive), I especially enjoy watching their brilliant product launch presentations.

Woman Giving a Presentation - Keep Your Presentations Simple

Forbes recently posted a great article called 10 Presentation Techniques You Can (And Should) Copy From Apple’s WWDC Keynote. No matter how large your audience, you can use some of these techniques to keep your presentations simple.

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Book Recommendation: Life Is Tremendous by Charlie Jones

Years ago, one of the salespeople I managed gave me the book Life is Tremendous, by Charlie Jones. The book has sold millions of copies over the past 40+ years, and it’s motivational message is just as relevant today. It’s a short, easy read (around 100 pages) and I still find myself re-reading it when I need a little boost.

Life Is Tremendous - Woman Jumping for Joy

Charlie lists three simple steps to help create a positive outlook:

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