Dew Recommends: Stop Networking, Start Creating Relationships

When a friend forwarded me Allen Gannett’s post titled Let’s End Networking, Please, my first thought was, ‘I can’t stop networking, that’s where I get all of my business!’ But once I got past the title and read the post, I realized that Allen makes some great points.

Stop Networking Start Making Relationships Business Woman shaking hands with others

The main point of Allen’s post is we need to start treating people as people – not potential business transactions. When we meet new people (in any environment), we should think of them as potential friends and partners we can share and build ideas with.

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Dew Recommends: How To Create The Brand Called YOU

I’m a big advocate of creating a brand called YOU. I never want to take away from the company that you represent, but if you’re truly in the business of serving your clients, then they come back time and time again for you.

The Word Brand Circled in Red on a Whiteboard - The Brand Called You

There are several great books out there on creating your personal brand, but the most practical advice I’ve seen on the topic is the post 125 Tips for Building an Irresistible Brand by Logan Zanelli.

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Dew Recommends: Networking Power Tips

My business is built on referrals, and networking events have turned into the one of my favorite places to get them – so I was excited when I recently read the networking power tips in the post How to Be a Networking Super Hero, by Phil Gerbyshak.

Business People Talking Networking Power Tips

Phil shares my love for networking events and gives some great tips on things to do before, during, and after the event. The piece on follow-up was my favorite part. To begin the follow-up process, he writes:

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Dew Recommends: Be Grateful (Every Day!)

Gratitude is a key ingredient to the winning attitude necessary for true success. The problem is, most people only make it a point to be grateful on Sundays, during holidays, or on some other special occasion. If you want to experience a real breakthrough in your attitude, you have to find ways to be grateful EVERY DAY.

Grateful Woman on Beach - Be Grateful

I love this post Jack Canfield wrote about creating a daily ritual of appreciation. In it, Jack lists 5 ways of making appreciation part of your daily routine:

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Dew Recommends: When Working Longer Hours Pays Off

There are going to be times in your career when you’re going to have to consider working longer hours. In the insurance industry, all of your client’s renewal dates may come at the same time of the year. In the mortgage business, perhaps rates are incredibly low so everyone is refinancing. For others, it could be a new product launch. Whatever the case may be, it’s important for you to evaluate how to best boost your productivity during that time.

Man Working Late in Office Building Working Longer Hours

In Brian Tracey’s recent post, he talks about 7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity. They were all great points, but I wanted to expand on one of them:

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Dew Recommends: New Year’s Resolutions – Pick 1 or Pick None

As a child, I loved making New Year’s resolutions. They were usually comical, but I mimicked the resolutions from the adults in my life. My success rate of completing them also mimicked that of the adults around me – I almost always failed. It wasn’t until recently that I switched my methods regarding sticking to resolutions. Now, when I set out to change my behavior, I set clear goals and create a plan to make sure I am successful. Needless to say, my success rate has drastically increased.

Blocks turning from 2012 to 2013 New Year's Resolutions

In a recent article by Rory Vaden*, he partnered with Kelton to survey adults on the success of their New Year’s resolutions.

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Dew Recommends: Take Back Control of Your Day

One of the top reasons our coaching clients start the program is that they feel like they have lost control of their day and they want to take back control. It’s not that they are doing the wrong activities, they just need to manage their time in better ways.

Relaxed Businessman Take Back Control Of Your Day

In a recent article by Amber Rae, she lays out the ideal situation for the start of a working day for a fictional character, Joe. Imagining some of my clients reading this description (on day one of coaching) made me chuckle – how many of them would be able to relate to a stress free presentation because they were this prepared?

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