Ask Dew: How Long Do I Keep Calling “Maybe Prospects”?

Ask Dew Question Mark BubbleDew, I never feel like I can cross a customer off my list when they tell me “maybe.” How long do I keep calling these “maybe prospects”?  -Christina

Good question! I struggled with this myself for a very long time.

One of my mantras is that a “yes” is great, a “no” is OK, but a “maybe” is a killer. Maybe prospects are much worse than a “no” because at least with a “no” we can let it go and move on. “Maybes” leave us in a state of lingering, hoping that they will indeed say “yes,” so we continue to call them month after month (or in some cases, week after week), essentially wasting our time.

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Book Recommendation: Take The Stairs

Take The Stairs On AmazonTop producers are students of the game. They invest in themselves and continue to sharpen their saw… i.e. read books, watch DVDs, attend seminars and events (and have a business coach to hold them accountable to their goals!).

Today’s recommended reading is a new book written by my great friend Rory Vaden*. Rory writes that in a world where we’re always looking for shortcuts and quick fixes,  the true way to achieve your goals is through self-discipline. In Take the Stairs, Rory describes the 7 Steps to Achieving True Success. In each step there are numerous ah-ha moments of what is necessary to implement in your business (and in your life!) that really will revolutionize your day-to-day activities. As a practitioner of everything I coach, I can tell you that this book really is a must in your reservoir of materials. 

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