Be A Mighty Oak

What’s the most powerful sales skill you can develop? Resilience.

Salespeople have to be resilient. We’re responsible for how much income we make. Our job is to go out and ask for the business. And a lot of the time, the answer will be a hard no.

Rejection is bad enough. When it’s tied to your paycheck, it takes on a whole new level!

The Mighty Oak Tree

When coaching my clients, I remind them that sales professionals have to be like a mighty oak tree.

I know, the fable we all grew up with had opposite advice!

In that classic tale, the grasses bend and sway with the wind. The oak tree stands unyielding and sometimes snaps in half. The moral of the story is that if you’re too proud and stubborn—and you refuse to adapt—you’ll be destroyed.

I get it. But in the real world, salespeople have to be firm. And they can’t be blown every which way and fold over when they face adversity. They need to be more like the mighty oak tree!

A strong oak tree can survive for hundreds of years, through hurricanes and drought. It can do this because it has deep roots and strong, dense wood. Sure, a few branches may break in a heavy storm—but the tree survives.

You’ll break some branches, too. A client will leave, a prospect will reject you, a deal will fall through. But if you’ve put down roots, and built a strong foundation, you’ll survive.

When a branch breaks off, a healthy tree will always grow a new limb. And for every loss, you will experience new growth!

Never Give Up

How can you be a stronger salesperson? How can you deepen your roots? How can you bounce back when a tornado comes through and demolishes your book of business?

You have to persevere and keep planting seeds. The oak tree keeps growing and keeps dropping acorns. You have to ensure you’re growing, and putting in the work to grow your business. No matter what setback you experience, you have to sit down, pick up the phone, and dial!

If you can think of yourself as a mighty oak who can weather any condition, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you want.

The grasses bend in the wind, and they don’t get hurt—but they never grow tall. They die after a season, get trampled down, and vanish. 

The oak fights to survive, keeps growing no matter what, and knows that losing a limb isn’t the end of the world. It stands strong, because time is on its side. With time and resilience, it can build itself into an enduring monument.

Sales Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

You’re a mighty oak. Get after it! No matter what your plan is, you need to be attacking it wholeheartedly—you can’t let life’s storms set you back. You have to do whatever it takes to keep growing.

If you don’t know how, it’s time to get educated. If you need help, reach out— I help sales professionals and teams build their knowledge and resilience so they can weather any storm and grow to new heights. And don’t forget to subscribe to my posts if you could use some free tips on time management, sales techniques, and ways to stay motivated!

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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