Sales Coaching

Sales coaching is sales training, mentoring, and a personal accountability partner all wrapped up in one. As a top-tier sales professional, your challenges and goals look a lot different than other salespeople. One-on-one sales coaching provides a unique solution to your unique challenges.

Sales coaching for top tier sales professionals

As your Sales Coach, I’ll work (and push you to work) to hit those elusive stretch goals. Starting your own business? Trying to increase your income from $200,000 to $300,000 a year (or from $500,000 to a million)? Or maybe you want to be a top producer and have time for a personal life?

All these goals are possible, but to be the best you’ll need laser focus. I’ll evaluate your prospecting practices, how you manage your time, and what needs to be taken off your plate so you can spend more time selling. Then, we’ll dive into how you’re selling and what you can do to take your game to the next level.

Endorsement PhotoDew is far more than a sales coach. I look at Dew as a member of my team and a business partner. Over the years, we’ve worked on everything from client service, controlling my schedule, asking for referrals, and goal setting. If the greatest athletes on the planet have a coach, why wouldn’t I? Why don’t you?Christopher White, CFP®, CKA®, ChFC®
Co-Founder & CEO
Chronicle Partners, LLC

Creating Your Game Plan

I’ll quickly work with you to pinpoint what’s holding you back. Then, we’ll aggressively and systematically put systems and habits into place to take you into and beyond your stretch goals.

Here’s a small sample of the kinds of topics I tackle with my clients:

Answering Objections & Closing More Deals
Prospecting with Purpose
Building a Marketing Strategy
Setting & Achieving Goals
Identifying Your Ideal Customer
Managing the Numbers
Creating an Outstanding Client Experience
Starting Your Own Business


And many more. You’ll also have full access to all the materials in my executive coaching program.

Sales Coaching = Accountability

I may be small in size, but I’ve been known to kick a butt or two! I’m not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone. I’m tough, but I always do it with love. I’ve doubled and tripled my clients’ income – and I’m an active salesperson who practices what I preach.

Endorsement PhotoLike all great coaches, Dew has a knack for motivating me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I enjoy her honesty and her creative ideas on how I can challenge myself. For anyone looking to break through to the next level, I encourage you to talk to Dew about what she can do for you.Todd Wiggins
Mortgage Loan Originator
Wesley Mortgage

Let’s Get Started!

We’ll start with a free Jump Start Session. By the end of this 50-minute phone call, you’ll have a battle plan for the upcoming year. We’ll pinpoint your challenges and define clear action items to move you toward your best year ever.

This free session will help determine if we’re a fit for each other and if my coaching style works for you. You’ll also learn how coaching works and all the details (including costs) of your unique plan.

Simply fill out the short form below and click submit. Someone from my team will reach out to you to schedule your free Jump Start Session.

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