Finding New Prospects—With Old Prospects

Is your sales funnel drying up? Rebuild your prospect list by reworking your past no’s!

Every salesperson knows the feeling of staring at a big new sales goal and thinking, “This is impossible!” Your sales funnel isn’t full enough, there aren’t enough prospects, and you’ve already exhausted every lead.

NO sign - representing turning NOs into YESes with territory rework

How can you get more prospects when you’ve already called everyone you could?

Here’s a clue: When a prospect says no, it doesn’t mean forever. And if you went back through all of your calls and proposals from last year, you’ll notice many rejections aren’t a firm, final “No.” Your client might have said “not now” or “maybe later,” but you chalked it up as a loss and moved on.

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Status Quo: Your Biggest Competitor

To overcome client objections, salespeople need to understand what makes us resistant to change.

Every sales professional will face a wide variety of objections and obstacles during the sales process. But whether you’re trying to close a deal, or simply set up an initial meeting, there’s one fundamental obstacle that you’ll come up against time and again: The status quo.

Never underestimate the power of the status quo. As a salesperson, it will always be your biggest competitor. Humans don’t like to change—even if we’re unhappy! 

People will make any excuse to maintain the status quo and avoid change. From a prospect, these excuses look like these:

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Setting Better Goals: The 2-Year Approach

If you’re only looking one year ahead, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

I’m a big believer in goal setting (like an Olympic Gold Medalist believer). Whether it’s in your personal life or your sales career, you need a goal to measure your success against and keep you motivated.

Every sales professional needs to set (and revise) business goals. Even if someone else in your organization is setting revenue goals for your team, you need to do your own personal goal setting—to make sure you’re working toward where you want to be. It’s critical to your business success.

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The Easy Way To Find New Leads

Is your prospect list too short? Try the simple method of Power Prospect Brainstorming to rebuild it.

Quite regularly I’m told, “Dew, I just don’t have enough leads!” As a salesperson, it’s hard not to panic when your sales funnel is drying up and fewer and fewer proposals are going out. You need to grow your prospect list and get more leads to call on—but it seems impossible.

brainstorming a prospecting list - Sales Coach Dew

Stop right there! There are ALWAYS enough leads!

Unfortunately, sales professionals often fall into a scarcity mindset and miss out on abundance. Feeling like you’ve “tapped your market” is a perfect example of scarcity thinking.

Keeping your prospect list full is crucial for your sales funnel and can drive an abundance mentality through your entire sales process.

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Getting The Most Out Of A Sales Appointment

Have a meeting with a prospect? Here’s how you can set yourself up for success.

Every salesperson knows what they want out of their next client meeting—to close! But how do you make sure your first appointment will lead to getting your prospect’s business? 

two salespeople meeting at desk

More importantly, how can you make sure this meeting is wildly successful and super efficient? 

Your goal should be to make the most out of your sales appointment—and like any goal, step one is making a plan!

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Change Your Mindset to Get Over Call Reluctance

Making excuses instead of sales calls? Discover how to overcome call reluctance and keep your sales pipeline strong.

Every salesperson needs to convert leads into closed deals. Making sales calls to a prospect list is the only way to keep your sales pipeline full. If it runs dry, so will your revenue.

Salesperson dialing a number on dialpad with call reluctance

We all know this, but sooner or later, most sales professionals face a huge obstacle clogging their pipeline: themselves. When it’s time to make calls, we hesitate, procrastinate, and get nervous or fearful. Call reluctance stops us cold!

The best way to get past call reluctance is to understand why it’s happening and how it affects your business. Every salesperson should:

  1. Understand what call reluctance is.
  2. Avoid the call reluctance trap.
  3. Remember why you’re closing business now.
  4. Get past the fear!
  5. Try a new strategy to stay motivated.

These tips will help you get back on track and keep your sales pipeline healthy. Let’s dive in!

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Sales Champions Know Their Numbers

You can’t stand at the top if you never know where you stand.

As a sales coach, I’m all about goals. My goal is to help salespeople achieve their goals—both personal and professional.

Sales Coach Dew Know the Numbers

Every salesperson should know what their sales goals are. You might not have mastered them yet, but at the very least, you have a number you’re planning on hitting for the year. The goal is set—just start selling, right?

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