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The power of transformation is possible, and I believe it can happen with classroom-based sales training in your organization today. I’m not just a sales trainer, I want to be the business partner that helps your team achieve it’s goals.

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I’d love to discuss your needs to see how I can help your team. I know you have plenty of sales training options – thank you for considering working with me.

Custom Sales Training

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all sales training. I customize every training session to the group, size, tenure, and industry of my audience. After a thorough analysis of your team, I’ll create custom training to meet your group’s needs.

My Training Background and Philosophy

Sales Trainer Dew TinninSince 2001, I’ve lead engaging and inspiring classes all across America. I’ve trained tens of thousands of salespeople and spent over 3,000 hours training sales professionals in a classroom setting.

The techniques I deliver are proven and up-to-date for today’s environment and economy. How do I know? Because my clients see the results in their bottom line. And from a personal standpoint, I continue to sell and produce at a high level. These are the techniques I use each and every week.

I love connecting with a group of people and watching “ah-ha!” moments take place in the classroom. I aim to engage every person – from the front row to the back of the room. I encourage full classroom participation, and provide high quality materials to continue the education long after the session is done.

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Training Topics

I deliver training on a variety of topics related to sales and customer service skills, time management, attitude, and leadership.

Depending on your needs and budget, I can deliver these topics in classroom settings, as group conferences, or as webinars.

Here’s some of my most requested topics:

  • Sales Skills: Prospecting, needs analysis, closing techniques, objections, referrals, follow-up, proposals and presentations, customer service, and personality profiling.
  • Time Management: Creating and following an ideal schedule, goal setting, tracking key performance indicators, territory management, and habits.
  • Attitude: Vision, self-talk, self-discipline, and routines.
  • Leadership: Recruiting (finding candidates, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding), managing the numbers, leading the team (shadowing, running effective meetings, holding 1:1s), personality based managing, and delegation.
  • Other: Got something else in mind? Contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your needs and see if there’s a way I can serve you.
Endorsement PhotoWe have invested in other training programs from other companies and they never seem to meet my expectations. I have no doubt that this training will have a positive impact on our business, and I would recommend it to any sales organization who wants better communication with their customers.Andy Kelly
Director of Sales
TBHC Delivers


Already have a training department? Great! I ‘d love to work with your team to create content, train-the-trainers, and ensure a proper company-wide roll out.

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