Book Recommendation: The School of Greatness

Today I want to tell you all about the book The School of Greatness, by Lewis Howes. I read multiple books each month, but rarely do I finish a book and put it on my desk… to stay. I have a small row of books that I reference over and over again, and continually refer to my clients. Lewis’s book made the cut.

School of Greatness Book Review By Sales Coach Dew

Each of the 8 chapters is a separate section full of inspirational stories, thoughts, processes, and exercises to implement the steps in that section. Instead of giving you an overview of each chapter, I’ve decided to give you a deeper breakdown of my favorite: Chapter 4 – Develop Hustle.

Develop Hustle

Lewis outlines hustle starting with shameless urgency. Develop the urgency to do whatever it takes, and the resilience to get knocked down and get back up time and time again. You’re going to have bad days. You’re going to hear NO. I teach my clients this process by asking them, “How fast are you going to bounce back?”.

Along with having the urgency, you have to work harder and smarter. Not one or the other. When we start something new, we typically start as the underdog, so learning to work smarter and harder is part of the game. This really hit home for me: when Shane and I moved to Nashville, I was starting a new 100% commission position in a new market where I knew no one. Hustling was the only option!

The final step is to fall in love with the art and the pain of the hustle. You’re not going to love everything you do – and there’s going to be pain, so the faster you fall in love with the pain, the easier the hustle will be. Sometimes you have to just DEW it  – through the pain, through the fear.

My favorite part of the chapter is exercise #2 (page 113): Working your Hustle Muscle. By hustling these 4 areas in your life, you can take yourself to greatness.

Working your Hustle Muscle:

1. Your body:

You’re living in the only body you get, so take care of it.

2. Your mindset:

Do something everyday that improves your mindset. My goal is to read 1 book a week. In the past, I used the excuse of not being a fast enough reader. Last year I changed up my morning run by substituting my music playlist for audio books (try for audiobooks you can listen to on your smartphone). Since then, I’ve spent some pretty amazing hours “reading” more than I ever imagined possible. And make sure to check out your local library, too. Did you know you can check out kindle versions of books and borrow audiobooks from the library (for free!) without ever leaving your home?

3. Your relationships:

Relationships truly can be a direct link to your success. I’m crazy about the ideas that Lewis outlines in the step (like connect with 3 new people each week, share a meal with 3 people each week, attend one group event each month, etc.). I’ve even created a note card that I read with my daily affirmations on how to ensure I’m doing these things on a regular basis.

4. Your skills:

Whenever you feel stuck – learn a new skill. Don’t just limit yourself to skills you need for your career. Have you always wanted to learn another language? Play the guitar? What’s stopping you?

School of Greatness Summary

That’s just a breakdown of 1 of the 8 sections. All 150 pages of his book are simple – but deep. Even though it’s short and easy to read, it’s not a “quick read on the airplane” kind of book (not if you actually want to absorb the information and implement the exercises).

Here’s the full list of chapter/principles in the School of Greatness:

  1. Create a vision
  2. Turn adversity into advantage
  3. Cultivate a championship mindset
  4. Develop hustle
  5. Master your body
  6. Practice positive habits
  7. Build a winning team
  8. Be of service to others

At the end of each chapter, I chose 1 exercise to apply in my life right away and I encourage you to do the same.

The School of Greatness book can be found here on Amazon, or if you’d rather listen to it, try the free trial on

Until next time – go sell some stuff!


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