Seize The Day

Manage your Time with Purpose on Purpose

Most sales professionals feel like they’re always busy, but still can’t find the time to get it all done. In a demanding world, it’s vital to take back control of your day. In my Seize the Day presentation, I teach you how to feel empowered with the tools to manage your time effectively.

Seize the Day Presentation Overview

Using the same techniques that have worked for me and hundreds of sales professionals, I’ll walk you through 5 steps to stop being reactive and start being proactive:

Decide Slide

1. Decide to run your day

Meetings, email, incoming calls, and social media make it easy to tell ourselves that we’re not in charge of our time. The first step to regaining control is realizing that you DO have a choice.

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2. Prioritize your values

In order to get the right results, you have to work on the right things! Before you create to-do lists or schedule your time, you need to have a clear list of what’s important to you.

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3. Determine your worth

News Flash: Salespeople make money by selling! When you know your true hourly rate, you’ll learn to focus on your income producing activities and delete and delegate the rest.

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4. Create the blueprint

Before you break ground on a house, plans are drawn up. Your plan is your ideal workweek. Once you create an ideal schedule based on your priorities, you can manage your calendar with clarity and minimal stress.

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5. Live with ease

At the end of each day, you should feel a sense of pride at all you’ve accomplished. With the right habits and a routine, you can live your calendar and handle everything life throws at you.

Endorsement PhotoI have attended dozens of presentations on time management
and your presentation was the most current and relevant of any of them.Cindy Hazen
Sales Executives


This seminar can be delivered as a keynote, workshop or half-day seminar. Face-to-face training is ideal, but webinars are also an option.


Participants will have the 5 practical steps that they can implement immediately. In a workshop or seminar format, participants will leave with numerous completed practices.

Why Choose Me?

I’ve been studying, practicing and implementing time management techniques for more than 13 years. I’ve coached more than 200 clients one-on-one on implementing these practices in their day, and I’ve delivered this seminar to a variety of industries and groups from business owners, business leaders, producers, and support staff on how to take back control of their day.



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