Dew Recommends: Surviving in Uncertain Times

Change is scary for most of us. Since we were babies we were raised on routines, so it’s natural that we feel most comfortable when things are steady and predictable. In business, fear of the unknown can make you want to cling to old ways faced with uncertain times.

Lighthouse in a Storm Uncertain Times

When I was recently reading Lisa Earle McLeod’s blog 5 Ways to Stay Focused During Times of Uncertainty, I found all 5 tips very insightful:

  1. Make peace with ambiguity
  2. Stay true to your purpose
  3. Make do with 80%
  4. Set goals without attachments
  5. Leave space for the fabulous

However, her second tip was my favorite:

2. Stay true to your purpose

This is particularly important for leaders, i.e. everyone. Help your team, at home or work, stay focused by continually reminding yourselves of your larger purpose. Whether it’s raising future world leaders, helping your customers be more successful, or your guests enjoy themselves, staying true to your purpose helps you get clarity. It’s like a reset button for your brain. It keeps you focused and productive.


So often we lose sight of our true calling when we are focused on the here and now. This can be especially true in times of great change. When you can stay true to your purpose, you can ensure that uncertain times remain small bumps in the road that won’t have a negative impact on your long-term game plan.

Preparing for Uncertain Times

Hopefully, you’ve already spelled out your true purpose and it is centered around service. But it’s easy to lose site of the big picture when the chips are down. That’s why it’s so important to build in habits like daily affirmations, reading your company creed before meetings, etc. that constantly reinforce and remind you and your team why you really do what you do.

So whenever you find yourself facing uncertain times, make sure to remind yourself of your true purpose – you’ll find it much easier to keep your eye on prize and roll with the punches!

Read Lisa’s full blog post here…

Until next time – go sell some stuff!


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