Can Technology Hurt My Business?

Is your business fighting technology, or embracing it? Uncover why technology is actually your friend.

Last month I overheard someone saying modern technology was killing communication. “Why don’t we just pick up the phone anymore?”

salespeople connecting virtually technology is our friend

Most of us take today’s technology for granted. It’s easy to forget that emails, texting, video calls, and social media are fairly recent inventions. Understandably, some people find all this change in such a short time overwhelming. They meet it with resistance and negativity.

But is tech really the worst thing for our lives and our businesses? I don’t think so. In fact, I love our technologically advanced world. Technology is our friend!

It’s Not Age, It’s Attitude

Someone complaining about how texting has replaced phone calls is bound to get a dismissive “OK, Boomer.” We assume that the older people are, the more they will struggle with technology—and that age is a valid excuse to refuse to accept new things. 

That’s just not true!

My mother was 70 years old when we bought her a computer—and she had never used one before. Today, she’s the most technologically advanced 85-year-old I know! Instead of being fearful or dismissive of new things, she chose to fully embrace technology. Learning to use technology allowed her to be more connected to her family and expanded her abilities (is your mom addicted to too?). She loves it!

You’re never too old to learn something new. So what’s your excuse?

Refusing to use Slack, Zoom, or TikTok isn’t about age, it’s about attitude. You’re choosing to be close-minded about new ways to communicate and build relationships—usually just because you don’t want to learn something new.

Instead of complaining, try focusing on the positive ways you can use a new technology. Embrace what’s new! By putting technology to good use, you can reap the benefits in your personal life and your business. 

Tech Builds Relationships

These days, insisting on meeting in-person (can we stop using outdated phrases like  “face-to-face” or “belly-to-belly?”) means ignoring dozens of ways to get the work done.

If the pandemic showed us anything, it was that technology does work! Not only can we get our work done from home, we can build and maintain relationships and communicate effectively through video conferencing, chats, and emails. 

Sure, there were difficulties and adjustments. But the world didn’t come crashing to a halt. We still met new people and closed new business via Zoom. Many companies embraced the new way of doing business and won’t go back.

At the end of the day, technology keeps us connected. New apps and devices are a good thing—they’re really just new opportunities for building relationships with other people.

Take advantage of the ability to have virtual relationships. If you don’t, someone else will.

Embrace Technology

It’s true, I have talked a lot about how technology gets in our way. We have to be in charge of our screens and not the other way around. But as much as I talk about the drawbacks of our devices, I still love technology!

I love getting to see pictures of my siblings and their kids in 6 different states on a daily basis. I love feeling closer to people who are far away. And I love the chance to communicate in ways that are fast and easy, yet still meaningful.

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I was going to text someone every day that I appreciate just to let them know I was thinking about them. It’s my reminder that as much as I love to hear from people, they like to hear from me too.

Technology is always changing. The more you embrace it today, the easier tomorrow will be. Instead of fighting it, figure out how to use it for good!

Until next time—go sell some stuff!

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