Here’s a small sample of sales coaching testimonials, sales training and consulting endorsements, speaking testimonials and other comments from past clients. Click the section headers to jump to any section, or you can simply scroll through the entire list.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

“I am lucky enough to have used Dew as a Sales/Managing Coach over the last several months. Her ideas, training, and out-of-the-box thinking have been a huge asset to myself and my employees. I would recommend her sales and management coaching to anyone… from the top producer to the newest member of a sales team.”
Jeremy Warren, Branch/Sales Manager
Guaranty Trust Company, TENNESSEE

Endorsement PhotoDew has helped me accomplish in 3 months what would have taken over a year on my own. I can’t say enough amazing things about her help in getting me focused and achieving incredible results in my business. If you don’t have a coach or one that completely cares about you, then you need Dew! Greg Cooley
Principal Broker | CEO
Chateau Properties

 “Dew is a fantastic sales coach who’s knowledge and skill set is certain to produce results for clients of all sales backgrounds and industries.”
Jeff Milward, Vice President

“When I first considered hiring a sales coach, I was very skeptical. I didn’t think it was a good idea to spend money to have someone teach me to sell. What I found was that my experience with Dawn was nothing like I anticipated. Dawn has a tremendous knowledge of what it takes to not just be a good salesperson, but what it takes to be a good salesperson in today’s IT environment. She did a tremendous job of helping me develop skills and organization in areas where I was weak while leaving me alone in those areas that I was already strong. She took a very strategic approach to supporting my sales goals and objectives and helped me implement several different strategies that have been a big help to my production. I highly recommend Dawn and enjoyed working with her.”
Vince Carelli, Managing Director
J. Smith Lanier & Company, TENNESSEE

“Dawn “Dew” Tinnin is an absolute expert at Sales Coaching… I attribute part of my success in achieving the top 2% in my organization of about 1000 reps to her razor sharp ability to help hone in nearly every situation, from closing tips, advice, scheduling, time blocking, motivation, prioritizing, etc.”
Ben McGuire, ADT Security Services, CALIFORNIA

Endorsement PhotoLike all great coaches, Dew has a knack for motivating me and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I enjoy her honesty and her creative ideas on how I can challenge myself. For anyone looking to break through to the next level, I encourage you to talk to Dew about what she can do for you.Todd Wiggins
Loan Originator
First Community Mortgage

“Dawn has been more than we expected, she has motivated a seasoned sales staff to achieve even greater goals. I highly endorse her services.”
Tony Holmes, Director of Sales
Hiscall, Inc., TENNESSEE

“Dew has been very instrumental in my success. When you work with Dew you truly have a partner who wants you to succeed. Her creative approach to prospecting and sales has helped me become more efficient in all areas. Her sales approach is based on the person and where they are in their career. This enables her to create a program that will suit the individual to help them succeed beyond their own expectations. Every session with Dew helps me improve my weaknesses and build upon my strengths. Regardless of what sales career you are in Dew will be able to help due to her out of the box approach. I would recommend Dew to anyone who wants to reach the next level in their career.”
Bobby Braiwick III, Commercial Account Executive
Eustis Insurance & Benefits, LOUISIANA

“Dew is much more than a sales coach, she is my life coach. She has helped me take my business to the next level and I recently received a promotion that I have been working towards for the past 5 years. I love my career now more than ever. My friends, family, and colleagues have noticed growth and improvement in my sales and personal life. I am the happiest I have ever been and know that it will keep getting better.”
Kayla Hebb, Financial Services, TENNESSEE

Endorsement PhotoDew is the consummate business sales and consulting professional and she puts you at ease from the very first phone call. She constantly inspires you to achieve more and insists on developing your skills as an executive/owner. There’s is a direct correlation between working with Dew and my company realizing its most profitable year to date. Drew Day
President and Co-Founder

“Dew has excellent people skills. She is very good at playing to your strengths and helping with your weaknesses. She was extremely helpful with all aspects of time management. Good listener and great motivator.”
Harlan Holmes, Mortgage Consultant
First Community Mortgage Inc., TENNESSEE

“Working with Dawn has been fantastic. Initially, I was not sure what to expect as I am not in Sales; I am a Network and Systems Engineer. What inevitably drew me to Dawn was knowing how she helped others attain their goals and knowing what both she and her husband had accomplished over the past several years. (And the knowledge that she was the driving force behind it.)

I wanted that! I needed that! Dawns holistic accountability coaching style taught me how to identify, organize, plan, and achieve my goals surrounding my career, where I want to live, my hobbies, my ‘to do’ lists, my attitude, and my family. I accomplished more in the last several months with Dawn than I did in the last several years!

Thanks Dawn, you rock!”
Vic Thiedek, Enterprise Architect, MINNESOTA

“Dew is highly energetic, passionate about her job and determined to keep her customers on task. She has helped me keep a better log/track of realtor and/or client referrals and is continuing to thrust me into the future with technology training. We are spending several sessions on learning social media and how better to utilize it. She has been a great coach and becoming a great friend as well.”
Marsha Reeves Saalfeld, Sr. Mortgage Consultant
First Community Mortgage Inc., TENNESSEE

Endorsement PhotoDew is far more than a sales coach. I look at Dew as a member of my team and a business partner. Over the years we’ve worked on everything from client service, controlling my schedule, asking for referrals, and goal setting. If the greatest athletes on the planet have a coach, why wouldn’t I? Why don’t you?Christopher White, CFP®, ChFC®
Vice President & Wealth Advisor
Southwestern Investment Group

“Dew has been a huge help in time management, prioritizing tasks, and overall efficiency of my work day. I have closed 5 service contracts since working with Dew, and I’m on target for my sales goal this year! Thanks Dew! I would highly recommend Dew’s coaching as an invaluable tool in any business development or sales career.”
Christy Neal, Business Development
Nashville Computer, Inc., TENNESSEE

“Dew is an outstanding sales coach. I was in a career slump, and the coaching I received from Dew has helped turn my business back around, and I apply her proven sales principles everyday. Dew helped me sharpen my sales skills, improve efficiency, organization, and customer service. I made several moves last year, and really did not think I was even going to stay in the Mortgage business. I am now back on track to be a top producer at Wells Fargo, and in my first month here have submitted over 20 files, and for the first time in my career, I have had multiple files approved without any conditions on the first look from the underwriter. If you are a Mortgage Originator Dew will improve your business regardless where you are at. Definitely the best investment I ever made.”
Jonathan R Cherry II, Home Mortgage Consultant
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, TENNESSEE

“Really enjoyed working with Dawn. Her approach is very flexible. Together, we discovered my weaknesses and worked toward finding the correct motivation to help me achieve my goals. Thanks Dawn!”
Bill Schram, Regional Sales Manager
McLeod Software, MISSOURI

Endorsement PhotoDew is the best in the biz. She has helped take my business to new levels with her structured, detailed, and honest methods. If you are thinking about challenging yourself and your business to attain new heights, I could not recommend Dew more.Lane Gerhardt
Loan Officer
Franklin American Mortgage

“Great job of getting me back on track. All recommendations were well based and achieved positive results. Dew knows what it takes to be a successful professional sales person. Follow her advice and succeed!”
Ken Greer, Account Representative
Hiscall, Inc., TENNESSEE

“Dawn became my coach in October of 2011, and since that point my team and I have closed over 400 loans and 80 purchases. She helped me achieve this by doing 2 things:

1.  Holding me accountable
2.  Organizing my day

To hold me accountable, she helps me track my sales activities, quotes, locked and funded loans via a website created specifically for me. She will not allow me to make excuses and keeps me on task.

To organize my day, she had me create my ideal week. This is a what I would do in a perfect week. In it I have set aside time for sales activities, processing, lunches with clients, etc. While I still have never had a completely ideal week, it gives me something to strive for, and I have produced more because I have taken control of my time. I sell when I want to sell, process when I want to process, and have a clear plan of what I am going to do in a given day, rather than coming in and reacting to whatever the day brings.

Overall, Dawn is super positive, upbeat and motivating. Take a leap of faith like I did, and have Dawn help you take control of your business, instead of having your business take control of you. The reward is definitely worth the investment.”
Kevin Yamaya, Mortgage Consultant
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, MINNESOTA

Endorsement PhotoLoved working with Dew. Every week we had a call to action. I was able to stay focused on my sales calls while managing everything else that goes into running a business. Dew was an advocate, cheerleader, coach and teacher (and I love sales) she was a gift that I appreciated every week.Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP
Leadership Business Motivational Speaker
Team Pegine, Inc.

“Dew has, in only the first month, taught me the necessary steps one must take to achieve success. I didn’t “buy in” to the career coaching concept initially however now am a firm believer. The knowledge I have gained in only a short time has changed my life and proven to be money well spent. Thanks Dew!”
Cheri Charvet, Commercial Account Executive
Eustis Insurance & Benefits, LOUISIANA

“Dawn has been great to work with! She understands the sales process and knows how to teach others to do the same. Personally, I needed help with obtaining referrals and then knowing what to do with them. Since Dawn and I started working together I’ve become more and more comfortable with the referal process. Lastly, Dawn is very professional and is willing get out of the box and work on the things you feel you need the most help with.”
Kav Milward, Property and Casualty Insurance Vice President
Powell-Walton-Milward a division of J Smith Lanier & Company, KENTUCKY

“Dew does a great job. She helped me get organized in many ways, focused on doing the right activities and showed me new ways to use Outlook to make my daily workflow easy. Thank you Dew for all that you have done.”
Fred Moore Jr., Employee Benefits Vice President
J. Smith Lanier & Company, TENNESSEE


Training, Speaking, & Consulting Testimonials

Endorsement PhotoI would HIGHLY recommend Dew to anyone looking to invest in thier people with a customized program that’s working with new, fresh and creative strategies to really spark your team to GREATNESS. Brian A. Covey
Regional Director
Movement Mortgage

“Coach Dew’s delivery was so engaging and intriguing. The presentation was valuable to all of us attending in so many ways… If you need to tweak that one specific skill, or take your sales results to the top of your game, I strongly recommend Sales Coach Dew.”
Greg Degnan, Sales Executive
Mid South Business Furniture, TENNESSEE

Endorsement PhotoWe have invested in other training programs from other companies and they never seem to meet my expectations. I have no doubt that this training will have a positive impact on our business, and I would recommend it to any sales organization who wants better communication with their customers.Andy Kelly
Director of Sales
TBHC Delivers

“Dew is outstanding. It is refreshing to work with someone when you can feel their passion. Dew will bring RESULTS!! Highly, highly recommended!”
James Montgomery, Sales Manager
Dignity Memorial, TENNESSEE

Endorsement PhotoWhen we set out to find a speaker for our young sales professionals group, we wanted someone with real world experience and a great message. We were able to find both with Dew. Although our crowd was hard to engage, she pushed her way through and got them to open up and connect. I would definitely recommend her for other speaking/coaching opportunities. Daniel Smith
Director of Communications
Insurors of Tennessee

“I have worked with Dawn in the past, and most recently was able to have her present to my team. She did a fantastic job, and 2 of my Home Mortgage Consultants have signed up for coaching. This is exciting for me because I love to see my team members take the time and resources to invest in their own growth. Thanks again for your time Dawn, I am excited to watch my 2 HMC’s progress.”
AJ Kozlak, Branch Manager
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, MINNESOTA

Endorsement PhotoSales Coach Dew was a perfect speaker for our Executive Networking Forum at the Nashville City Club. Based on the response, I hope that she will come again. Her insights on Time Management were focused and actionable. Only bad thing was that we only gave her 40 minutes to talk – we wish it could have been longer! Steve Minucci
Regional President

“Dew was the featured speaker at the NASP (Nashville Association of Sales Professionals) meeting last Friday. She did an exceptional job with her presentation. I think she probably could have kept the audience for a few more hours just highlighting some of her tips and suggestions. Thanks for an extremely informative program.”
Tom Harris, Sales Manager

Endorsement PhotoI have attended dozens of presentations on time management
and your presentation was the most current and relevant of any of them.Cindy Hazen
Sales Executives

“Dew is a tireless worker with solid communications and public speaking skills. She exudes a level of confidence and technical detail in her approach which motivates those working with her. I highly recommend Dew.”
William Tippie, Principal
Bentz Whaley Flessner, MINNESOTA