The Secret to Handling Interruptions

No matter your title or industry, as human beings existing in the world, we are going to be interrupted all day long. There will always be things that crop up during your workday, competing for your attention.

Secret to Handling Interruptions

But to ensure we get done the things we absolutely need to get done each day, we have to stop and ask ourselves: Is this the best, most opportune time to do this thing? Or can it wait?

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7 Time Management Habits of Top Salespeople

After coaching hundreds of coaching clients one-on-one, I’ve noticed something: The biggest impact coaching has on each of their lives is in the way they manage their time.

Time Management Habits of Salespeople

I love seeing the freedom they gain (and the increase in their sales) when they learn to run their day more effectively. Here are 7 time management habits that all top-producing salespeople seem to practice.

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Making the Most of a “Bonus Week”

Earlier this month, the 4th of July fell smack-dab in the middle of the week, wreaking havoc on sales schedules everywhere. If you followed my advice, you planned for some non-standard weeks. Whether it’s a holiday, vacation, or traveling week, there will be work weeks that aren’t “normal”.

Making the Best of Bonus Week

These are the times when it’s hard to buckle down and get things done. It’s tempting to just blow off the whole week, but it’s possible to sow productivity into these weeks without sacrificing your personal time. How do you remain productive even on those weeks when it doesn’t feel like you need to?

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Handling Your Harvest Time

Business naturally ebbs and flows. It’s vital, therefore, to recognize the harvest periods in your career and understand their importance. When you think about a farmer, they’re sowing their seeds in the spring and harvesting their crop in the fall, right?

During that harvest season, they’re working long days and investing more energy because they only have a small window of time to get things done. It’s the same in your business; we all have harvest periods where we simply have to put more of ourselves into our work to get everything done.

There are a few natural harvest times in any person’s career trajectory. Let’s break down the most common three.

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How Are You Spending Your 168 Hours This Week?

The #1 reason why salespeople sign up for coaching with me is that they want to take back control of their day and manage their time better. The very first thing most of my coaching clients say to me is, “I just need more hours in the day, Dew. I don’t have enough time to get everything done.”

How Are you Spending Your 168 Hours This Week?

There are so many things we could accomplish if we just had a little more time, right? Well, there’s a simple way to find that time. And I’ve never had a single client not find extra hours in their week after completing this exercise. Ready to reclaim your lost time? Let’s do it!

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Don’t Let Your Inbox Run Your Day

I have a client who lives in the Pacific time zone, but her headquarters are in the Eastern time zone. In her company, emails start flying back and forth around 6 am, which is 3 am her time. Despite the insanity of it, she feels compelled to reply to emails during what was literally the middle of the night.

Don't Let Your Inbox Run Your Day

While you might not have the added stress of a time zone differential, many people struggle to handle emails in an efficient manner. A recent study from Microsoft indicates that email takes up roughly 35% of the average worker’s day! But taking some simple steps to manage your email effectively can take your productivity through the roof.

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Creating Your Ideal Week

You’ve heard about the effectiveness of time blocking (did I just hear you groan?). And you know how it can help you close more business. Yet you continue to come up with lame excuses about how it just won’t work for you.

Typing on Computer in Calendar Creating an Ideal Week

But the top ultra-producers in every field are those that protect their calendars with their lives. Now is the perfect opportunity to examine how you’re spending your time.

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