The Two Positives Close

Not only can the power of two positives help you close, you can use this technique through your entire sales process.

Sales pros know it’s not enough to excel at one or two closing techniques. You need to master a number of ways to close a sale, so you can adapt to every situation.

Two positives close

Today we’ll focus on a classic: the Choice of Two Positives Close.

Does your client like to take charge?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every one of your prospects has a different personality style. These styles have different needs when it comes to communication, and the Two Positives Close is perfect for a “direct” or “take charge” personality style.

People with a direct personality style like to take charge! They might seem headstrong, but they simply feel comfortable being in control—and uncomfortable when they’re not.

The best way to deal with a prospect who likes to be in control is to give them choices. When they get to decide between two options, they feel like they’re in the driver’s seat!

Offer a choice between two positives.

Obviously, you don’t want your prospect’s options to be “yes” or “no.” Instead, offer a choice between two positives—two options that result in your desired outcome.

For example:

“Would you like the service to begin next week, or do you prefer to start at the beginning of the month?”

“Should we meet at my office or yours to go over the paperwork?”

“Should we launch May 1st or June 1st?”

“Would you like standard or elite membership?”

You don’t care which option your client chooses—because with either one, you’re closing the deal! The real benefit is that your client feels more comfortable—you’ve empowered them to make a decision, and the two positives shift their focus away from objections.

It’s more than a close!

Have a prospect who’s motivated by being in control? The “Two Positives Close” isn’t just a closing technique. You can use this tactic throughout your entire sales process.

Asking to send information? Ask the client if they’d like you to email a PDF or drop off a printed brochure. Setting up a meeting? Ask the client to choose between two times or locations.

It’s easy, and if your client likes to be in charge, let them! As long as the options lead to your desired outcome, whatever they choose is a win.

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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