Get Quicker Decisions with the Walkout Close

Not too long ago, my husband Shane and I were in a meeting with a business partner of mine. The partner was pitching me on the idea of joining him in starting a new division. He wrapped up his thoughts and said casually, “I need to run to the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

Walkout Closing Technique

While he was gone, Shane and I talked things through. A few minutes later, he strolled back into the room and asked us, “So, what do you think? Do you want to go to Australia?”

Step Away

While Shane and I were discussing Australia, I realized that my business partner had just skillfully executed the “Walkout Close” on us. (Don’t you love when you recognize a good salesperson?)

The Walkout Close is a classic closing technique that works magnificently when you use it correctly.

As salespeople, we tend to assume that the only option we have after presenting our pitch to multiple people is to let them “think on it.” But using this closing technique is a way to overcome that “I need to think about it” or “I need to talk to my spouse/business partner” objection.

It is used when you’re presenting to two or more decision-makers; instead of giving them days to think things over, it allows them to do it right then and there. They’re going to talk about you the minute you leave the room anyway, so why not make it work for you?

Make Your Move

The best way to execute this closing technique is to move into it seamlessly as you finish your pitch. You can have a convenient reason to leave the room, such as “I left my phone in my car,” or  “I need to use the restroom,” etc. Or you can shoot totally straight with them and say, “I’m going to step out and let you discuss things so that we can determine what our next steps should be.”

When you get back, ask them, “So what questions did you have for me?” Giving them the time to discuss things immediately allows you to deal with the true objection, as opposed to whatever blow off objection they may come up with after they’ve taken time at home to think things through.

People are so often afraid of hurting feelings or being rude, and they may come up with any number of reasons to defer you or string you along, which could lead to you keeping them in your funnel even when they’re unlikely to ever give you their business. So this technique allows you to overcome those objections so much faster and get to the heart of the matter.

That immediate discussion when you leave the room should bring the real issues and questions to light, giving you a more genuine response from your prospect and saving hours, days, or weeks worth of your time by dealing with that initial reaction right then and there. It allows you to be proactive about addressing concerns and also keeps your sales funnel moving efficiently.

Dew Down Under?

I won’t leave you hanging, guys. I’m not moving to Australia. When my then-partner pitched the idea to me, though, I was 100% on board. Being an “i” style” on the DiSC model, I’m always up for a new adventure!

Shane, however, is a naturally cautious “C” style. So when my partner left the room, Shane immediately said, “Hold the phone Dew—we can’t can’t move to Australia.” As soon as he starting talking through the logistics and brought logic to the forefront, I realized that it wasn’t a good idea.

While my partner didn’t get the answer he’d hoped for, the technique did work. Instead of wasting days or weeks going back and forth about my decision, him allowing us that time to talk immediately after the proposal helped us reach a conclusion in a faster and more definite manner.

While you may not always get the answer you’re looking for when you use this closing technique, it will allow your prospects the chance to talk honestly and it lets you root out—and address—those objections right away without wasting anyone’s time.

The next time you’re making a pitch to multiple decisions makers, use the walkout close. You’ll get to their objections sooner and save time for everyone.

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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