Dew Recommends: When Working Longer Hours Pays Off

There are going to be times in your career when you’re going to have to consider working longer hours. In the insurance industry, all of your client’s renewal dates may come at the same time of the year. In the mortgage business, perhaps rates are incredibly low so everyone is refinancing. For others, it could be a new product launch. Whatever the case may be, it’s important for you to evaluate how to best boost your productivity during that time.

Man Working Late in Office Building Working Longer Hours

In Brian Tracey’s recent post, he talks about 7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity. They were all great points, but I wanted to expand on one of them:

Work Longer Hours
First, work longer hours. Start a little earlier, work through lunchtime and stay a little later. By starting your day earlier than the average person, you beat the traffic into work. By staying a little later, you leave after the traffic. By doing both, you can add two or three hours to your productive working day without really affecting your lifestyle. These extra hours are all you need to become one of the most productive and highest paid people in your field.

Working Longer Hours – Not Always a Bad Thing

Unfortunately, working longer hours is typically thought of negatively. Now, I’m not trying to condone long hours for extended periods of time, but sometimes long hours are needed. Just like a farmer, you have to be willing to go above and beyond during your harvest period to make sure your year is a success. Fortunately, if your attitude is in the right place when it matters most, then you’re much more likely to be recognized for your extra efforts. Regardless of the recognition, working longer hours are part of any job, and having a positive attitude through it all makes everyone—and I mean everyone—happier.

Personally, I love it when extra effort is rewarded with extra income. So if a few extra hours is what it takes to be among the highest-paid people in your field—then count me in!

Read Brian’s entire article here…

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