The Yes Momentum Close

When your clients are saying yes, it’s hard to say no! This simple sales technique will have your clients saying yes time and time again!

Salespeople usually have a few go-to closing techniques they use all the time. But if you want to be a real sales champion, you need to have a full arsenal of closes! This week, we’re looking at a deceptively simple closing technique: The Yes Momentum Close.

Yes Momentum Close - Sales Coach Dew Tinnin

The Yes Momentum Close is an attitude-type closing technique. The idea is to keep your prospect excited about the discussion at hand. By creating positive momentum throughout your entire sales presentation, you can ride the “yes” momentum to a closed deal.

How To Use The Yes Momentum Close

During your proposal, you’ll ask your prospect questions that you already know the answer to—questions that will be answered “yes!”

These questions range from casual, everyday questions to ones specific about your product. The key is getting a positive response. Here are some examples:

  • Is this the most recent branch you’ve opened?
  • Do you still have four office locations in Tennessee?
  • Do you love being in this neighborhood/area?
  • Isn’t this great? (When you can see they’re nodding and smiling)
  • Is this what you’re thinking?

Start building that “yes” momentum from the moment you walk into a meeting. The more times they say “yes” during your presentation, the more likely they are to say “yes” when you ask for the business. They’ve already been saying “yes” to you all along!

Create Positive Momentum!

It’s important to note: To feel comfortable saying “yes,” your client needs to trust you enough to tell you “no!” Know how to spot trust objections and listen to your client. If they’re just telling you “yes” to get rid of you, you’re not building positive momentum!

Too many salespeople forget to create an atmosphere of excitement and positivity. The Yes Momentum Close is probably the easiest way to do that—it’s simple! Identify points during your presentation that you’ll ask a “yes” question, and prepare some icebreaker questions that you know will get a positive response.

By the end of your proposal, you’ll have one more “yes” question—Can I start the paperwork?

Until next time—go sell some stuff!


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